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TECH HELP INC. is an Information Technology company that is located in the Greater Orlando area. Calvin Seeram, the
owner and founder of TECH HELP INC. is a member of the graduating class of 1997, from the University of Central Florida,
where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2000, Calvin obtained the prestigious
Microsoft certification as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer           . In 2002, Calvin became an Information Technology
instructor at                               (Celebration/Deland campuses) where he taught college students and professional
individuals the skills needed to succeed in the Information Technology field. Over the years, Calvin would add many more
sort after certifications to his Information Technology resume. Being a resident of Central Florida for over ten years and
armed with all the knowledge and experience he has gathered over the years, Calvin decided it was time to form his own
I.T.company right here in Orlando. Hence forth, TECH HELP INC. was created. Calvin's vision of what services his  I.T.
company should provide embodies a scale ranging from personal computer services to company wide network services.
Therefore, at TECH HELP INC. we deal in many areas of the Information Technology field. If you have a problem with your
personal computer, whether hardware or software related, we can fix it. If you have a problem with your computer network,
we can fix that too. If you just purchased a computer and need tutoring and/or training on how to use the computer and the
software(s) that came with it, we offer on-site training. If you're planning on setting up some form of computer network and
need guidance, as to what type of computer network is best for you, we have network consultants that can help you. If you
need someone to setup, maintain, secure, backup and/or troubleshoot your computer network, whether on the hardware or
software side, we have network professionals that can help you. Our computer and network professionals are certified by
some of the leading Information Technology vendors, including Microsoft, Novell and CompTIA. Therefore, you have peace
of mind that a certified professional is working on the job.

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