Network Components
What is a Network ?

A Network is two or more computer that share data and/or resources with each other.
The following pictures are components that make up some type or form of network.
Picture of a 24 port hub. This is where CAT 5 cables
with RJ45 heads would be plugged into.
Picture of a wireless 54 Mbps router.
This is one of the devices (along with a
cable/dsl modem) that enables you to
have wireless access to the internet or
another computer/network.
Picture of Laptop/Notebook wireless PC card.
This device enables a laptop to connect to the
internet or another computer/network without
the need for CAT 5 cable going into the NIC
(Network Interface Card) port of the laptop.
Pictures of CAT 5E Internet cable and
cable heads called RJ45. The CAT 5E
cable is a 4 pair/8 wire cable.
Picture of a PCI modem card.
Remember that modem means
MOdulator/DEModulator. This is the
device that enables you to connect to
the internet with a dial-up connection
(dialing a phone number).
Picture of a RAID (Redundant Array of
Independent Disks) server. There
three type of RAIDs. RAID 0,1 and 3.
RAID 1 and 3 ensures that you will not
lose data if one hard drive fail. For
RAID 3 to work you must have at least
three hard drive in the system.
Picture of a network room.
Picture of a network room. The blue
image to the left are many CAT 5
cables neatly tighten together.
Picture of a UPS (uninterrupted power
supply). A UPS is very useful in case of
power lost, because it enables you to
safely and systematically shut down
the computer/network without losing
valuable data when power is lost.
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Picture of a 8 outlet surge suppressor.
This ensure that the computer/network
is getting a steady supply of current
without any spikes/lags.
To the Rescue
Pictures of two wireless PCI cards that can be inserted into the PCI (Peripheral
Component Interconnect) slot of a motherboard thereby making the desktop/tower
computer able to connect to the internet or another computer/network without the need
of a CAT 5 cable.